Wedding Cakes

Hey you fabulous couples of Melbourne! If you're on the hunt for a wedding cake that screams 'OMG amazing,' you're in the right place!

A cake so stunning it's practically stealing the show (sorry, not sorry!). From classic elegance to jaw-dropping extravagance, we're here to sprinkle some sweet magic on your big day.

Plus, we've got you covered with cake delivery to Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Peninsula available! Let's whip up a cake that's as unique and fun as you are! Ready to make your cake dreams come true? Let's do this!

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Warning: Our Cakes May Cause Extreme Happiness and Delicious Conversations!

Fill out the nifty little form below and we can get the process started. Please be patient with a reply from CMC, we are a teeny tiny team of 2 and only one Admin Annie (aka Brad) managing the inbox.

Please allow up to 3 days (sometimes more, sorry sorry sorry) for a reply. Love us! Forgive us! We love you! Hear from us soon!

Sample Box includes 8 flavours and upon booking you receive a $25 credit towards your order - offer applies to Wedding Bookings only.
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