About Me

I swear my first word was 'Cake', so it's safe to say cake life found me from a young age. I remember my grandmother making our birthday cakes and how special it was every year to have her amazingly light and spongey cakes. Seeing her create happiness and joy from just flour and eggs inspired me to do the same and share it one slice at a time. 

I've made it my cake mission to continuously fine tune my craft and deliver exceptional, mouth watering cakes and desserts that have been given so much love and attention that my grandmother would be proud.
I'm so fortunate to have found my passion and I’m extremely lucky and thankful that I have some of the best clients who have allowed me to be a part of their special moments.

Creating cakes is food for my soul and being able to create memories for people that last a lifetime truly makes it all worth it.

I'm excited to see what my future holds in the cake world and until then...
Keep it Crazy!