What’s the average cost of a wedding cake?

One thing I have constantly heard throughout my time as a caker is “Add the word ‘Wedding’ and everything doubles”.

While that may be true to a small degree, its for good reason. Wedding cakes are much bigger than a Birthday cake as they need to be served to a larger amount of guests. When it comes to looking for your wedding cake, it’s important to look at this separate to your decoration or styling budget and look at it as a standalone cost. This is because your wedding cake can be incorporated into your dessert menu or served in smaller portions for your guests to take home. What ever path you decide will ultimately change the cost of your cake and budget.

Another thing to note is that while most cakers can whip out birthday cakes like machines, a lot more love and thought is involved with creating and planning a design that is representative of the biggest day in your life, and again this changes the cost. The overall cost of your wedding cake will come down to the following factors.

Size - Sizing of your cake is also going to alter the price, bigger cakes take longer to bake and more ingredients. Have a think about how you would like this to be served. Dessert portions are much larger than coffee sized portions and will require a larger cake, while you can still have a smaller cake for dessert you run the risk of leaving your guests wanting more or even worse, running out completely.

Decoration/Time - The amount of detail on your design is only going to up the ante and overall budget. If you choose to have a cake with fireworks and dripping with jewels you should naturally expect to pay a lot more than a clean and classic design. That’s because it will take a lot more time to create your design. Put simply - the longer it takes the more it will be.

Our advice for budgeting is to be realistic. Its probably not the best idea to have a 6 tier cake for a wedding with 80 guests unless a good portion is fake, and that’s a whole different conversation. Choose a design that fits within your wedding theme, captures your overall vibe and best represents you as a couple.   


Single Tier Cakes.

Smaller more intimate wedding cakes don’t have to lack in design or detail, often smaller cakes make the same impact as a larger cake. This is because the design elements require more precision as there is no room for error.

Single tier cakes are perfect for weddings between 20-60 guests.

if you plan on having a smaller cake for a more intimate wedding expect to budget between $250-$350. Again, this is all dependent on styling.


Multiple Tier Cakes

Not gonna lie, cakes with multiple tiers are pretty impressive and the bigger they are, the bigger the WOW factor.

2 tier cakes are perfect for weddings between 70-100 guests, pricing begins at $400.

3 tiers cakes are even better for weddings above 100 guests, pricing starts at $600.

4 tiers and above are our favorites and are for weddings with guests above 150, prices for cakes 4 tiers and above begin at $850. 

Prices are listed as a guide only and are for coffee portion servings. These prices are for plainly iced, undecorated cakes and do not include delivery.

If you would like a more detailed quote for your upcoming wedding or event, please feel free to reach out by clicking here or by emailing cakes@cakemecrazy.com.au and include as much detail about the design you are after and we will get back to you with a personalised quote. Sample Boxes are available for pre-order on our Online Store.